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Alton towers theme park, Stoke, England.

Alton Towers theme park

Alton Towers roller coasters and thrill rides

The latest list of rides for Alton Towers in 2012.

Thirteen roller coaster
TH13TEEN is one of the most recent roller coasters at Alton Towers and is based on the old site of the Corkscrew. This ulitmate coaster ride thrusts you into the dark woodland of a unearthed burial site. Winding in between forest trees this fast ride has your adrenlin on a high, soon to be replaced with fear as a quivering surprise is set forth at the end of the track. Thirteen roller coaster spooks and certainly shocks.

Nemesis roller coaster
The Nemesis is a roller coaster that has stood the test of time and built an acolade of supporters and thrill seekers. This intense roller coaster ride takes you over rivers of blood and rock. The reason for it's popularity is due to the ride reaching G-forces greater than a space shuttle launch. Based in the Alton Towers Forbidden Valley the twists and loops of the Nemesis are bound to turn your stomache and have you screaming for more.

Air roller coaster
Ever wondered what it feel like to fly? The roller coaster Air, certainly gives you this feeling as you float in the air, swoop across land and soar to new heights. Air flies you under walkways and glides you close to rocks and trees, so close you feel you can even touch them! The Air ride certainly gives you that sensation of being weightless as you swoosh through Forbidden Valley.

Rita roller coaster
Rita is the fastest roller coaster at Alton Towers. This ride literally takes your breath away! Rita thrusts you to speeds of 0-100km/ph in just 2.5 seconds! Just as you are catapulted from the start the exceloration is immence and before you know it your at the first corner of many swooshes and speed thrusting turns that will have you screaming for more. You will find Rita in Alton Towers Dark Forest.

Oblivion is a roller coaster with a difference. As you are pulled to the top of a steep incline the fear heightens as you reach the top. Just as you have prepared for a tremendous vertical (YES VERTICLE) drop your carriage jerks to a stop holding you in suspence, then releases you into a dark hole of mist and mystery. Face your fears as you know you shouldn't look down, but you won't be able to stop yourself taking a peek at that fearful vertical drop. You will find Oblivion in the X-Sector zone of Alton Towers.

Ripsaw is a knee jerking, water squirting, theme park ride that swings and turns. Whilst water fountains tease and torment from below, the ride occelates high in the sky and randomly suspends you in places that just might make you wet. You will find Ripsaw in Alton Towers Forbidden Valley.

The Submission ride is located in Altons Towers X-sector zone. This mind-blowing ride has you rotating, rocking, and hanging vertically as you spin, spin and spin.

The Blade
The Blade is a zero gravity thrill ride based Alton Towers Forbidden Valley. See if you have the courage to sit at the back to experience the full force of The Blade ride?

Alton Towers fun and freight rides

Congo river rapids
A classic river rapids ride full of fun, thrills and screams. There's no escaping the splashes and sprays of the torrent of the Congo River, especially if you have untrustworthy fellow travellers onboard who can twist and turn you into water falls and fountains. Staying dry is almost impossible on this ride as you set voyage through the Katanga Canyon.

Hex ride
Hex is a ride that doesn't move. Boring I hear you say, but this journey deep into the legendary Towers is everything but. The experience takes place in a creepy room that comes to life through incredible special affects. The curse of a chained Oak tree is set free whilst the room spins and twists, but is it really you falling or the hypnotic power of the curse? The Hex experience is based in the actual Towers of Alton Towers.

Sonic Pinball
Sonic Spinball is a fantastic family coaster ride that will have you jumping and screaming for more. This ride spins you faster than the speed of sound and with the cart being controlled by gravity each ride experience is different, not knowing when you're going to spin or drop. Be prepared for a long wait as Sonic Pinball is one of the most popular rides in Alton Towers.

The Flume
Prepare to get wet on the Flume. Climb into your bathtub, fly down drops and through waterfalls before finishing off in a power shower of water. The Flume is located in the Katanga Canyon zone.

Runaway Mine Train
A roller coaster out of control? That will be the Runaway Mine Train as it twists and turns, getting faster and faster. You will find the Runaway Mine Train in the Katanga Canyon area of Alton Towers.

You need to be alert and have your wits about you as you prepare to battle with ghouls and ghosts on the Duel! The Duel is set in a Haunted House where you are armed with a laser gun and gain points for every target you hit.


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